Are you someone who...

enjoys being active and making time for the things you love? Do you love nature, culture and unexpected encounters? Then join this adventure through the Green Heart of The Netherlands, by foot or by bike. 

Open your heart to its surprising and unique towns, cities and landscapes. Visit unfamiliar places and sleep in dream accommodations.

Awaken your taste buds with delicious meals and dinner experiences throughout the days.

Enjoy every step of the way in this fully-arranged week with the personal touch of an experienced traveler.


An adventure through Dutch nature and culture, focused on de-stressing and being care-free. An arranged journey as part of a group of people (6-10 ) who want exactly the same. With your phone for navigation, your only concern is walking or cycling to the final destination. Let yourself be guided along the way and enjoy the beauty of a country below sea level.


So, who is your guide that will join you for 6 days on your adventure?

Even though he was not exactly born in Gouda, Jon Tompot has lived there most of his life. At 60+, he knows most people there and they know him. Most importantly, he knows the area by heart and is an active and enthusiastic outdoor person, who loves to play golf. Through these hiking and biking routes, Jon shares his passion for the Dutch nature and culture. By providing a care-free week, he aims to give people the opportunity to de-stress, relax and find themselves while hiking or biking below sea level. Enjoy what the day brings, but also visit those things you always wanted to see.  




Which adventure appeals to you?

3 unique hiking trips and 1 biking trip that each discover our country below the sea from a different perspective. Choose how you want to spend your week. The departure and end points are always in Gouda. There your fully arranged journey begins and the only thing you have to do is walk or cycle and let yourself be guided. All below sea level.  


Koeien en Kaas   Hoe Nederlands wil je het hebben? Koeien en kaas. Holland op zijn best. Wandelen, proeven, aaien en misschien een wijntje onderweg, om de kaas nog lekkerder te laten smaken
Vaarten en Forten   Hoe groen het Groene Hart ook is,  er is meer dan groen. Wandelen en vaar langs prachtig erfgoed uit vervlogen tijden waar vorsten heersten en gelovigen hoop vonden.  Ontdek burchten, vestingsteden, stadswallen en kerken.
Steden en Ridders   De Randstad kent historische plaatsen omgeven door groen en zee. Een route waarin steden centraal staan maar waar je toch verrassend veel groen en ruimte ontdekt
Biking Below Sea Level   Voor de fietsers is er een soortgelijke week waarbij de 3 wandeletappes gecombineerd worden. Huurfietsen met 7 versnellingen staan voor je klaar!


koeien in kinderdijk(1).jpg

It can’t get more Dutch than cows and cheese. It is the Netherlands at its best. Hiking through the countryside of the cows, learning about the craft of making cheese and perhaps a glass of wine to make it taste even better.


Week 2019

 July 26 - August 1

Weekend 2019

April 5 - April 8
May 31 - June 3
September 20 - September 23


124 km in 6 days
Ø: 21 km per day
64 km in 3 days
Ø: 21,3 km per day


Friday evening - Introduction diner

Introduction dinner at the Lichtfabriek next to the hotel. Here you will get to know the fellow adventurers with whom you will gain experience over the next week. Ready!

klein giethoorn.jpg

Saturday - Gouda windows & DINING IN BERGAMBACHT - 20 KM

We will depart on Saturday morning and start by exploring Gouda, with its renowned town hall and the St. Johns church. Get ready for a guided tour, full of fun facts. Did you for example know that the workmen who restored the St. Johns Church placed the head of the architect in the rim of the church’s roof? Through the picturesque town of Haastrecht, hometown of the famous Dutch ice skaters Leo Visser and Hein Vergeer, you will walk towards Bergambacht. It is time for the pool, so you can relax your muscles after the first day.

Koeien & Kaas zaterdag.jpg


On this second day, we will honour the city of silver, Schoonhoven. The small-scale character of the city makes for a perfect adventure by foot. The city consists of an age-old street pattern, with a harbor, canals, monuments and silver workshops. Along the mill of Bonrepas and the scenic small river De Vlist we will go to Hekendorp. After that awaits a lovely terrace in Oudewater right across De Heksenwaag (“weighhouse”).

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 21.39.03.png

monday - through the Lakes -22KM

Our last journey leads us through ‘de Reeuwijkse Plassen’ all the way back to Gouda. Via ‘Driebruggen’ our walk will start via the ‘Oudkoopse’ mill to ‘het Reeuwijkse Hout’ where we will gather for lunch. The beautiful small lakes of Reeuwijk cannot be missed. During the afternoon we will discover this nature reserve consisting of 13 small lakes. At the end of the day our path has led us back to Gouda. It is time for a goodbye drink (or ‘borrel’ in Dutch), which will take place at ’De Zalm, the oldest inn of the Netherlands.

Koeien & Kaas zondag.jpg

Monday  Long Linschoten & grandmothers time - 19 KM

On to Harmelen, we will go on a completely car-free experience along the 'Lange Linschoten', river. The village of Linschoten completes the quaint atmosphere. The lifting bridge of the town castle of Woerden reminds you of a bygone era, where lunch is waiting for you. The last stretch to Harmelen leads along the towpath of the Oude Rijn, a beautiful part of Holland along the water. Here you will be welcomed with a traditional Dutch meal from grandmother's time.

Koeien & Kaas maandag.jpg

Tuesday - castle & Boats - 21 KM

Today starts with a guided tour through the castle Haarzuilens. After that, we will hike through the polder in the direction of Kockengen, originating from the French word Cogagne, which means ‘candy land’ or ‘land of the plenty’. Something we should definitely explore! On we go towards the Nieuwkoopse Plassen, where we arrive at the hotel. Here whisper boats awaits; with a glass of bubbly and some snacks, we can explore this piece of nature from the water. Pssst.. don’t tell anyone, but Nieuwkoop is the best kept ‘green’ secret in the region of Amsterdam.

Koeien & Kaas dinsdag.jpg

Wednesday- Water Wicks and Willingness- 26 KM

This day you will learn everything about either pumping or drowning. Over narrow polder paths through the territory of the lapwings and redshanks we will arrive in Aarlanderveen, where a miller will explain how polders were created. We will visit the Molenviergang where four mills are responsible for pumping out the water in four "corridors". Our day continues to Boskoop where we will spend the night in an authentic farm. After dinner you are likely to say: "What the food just happened?!

wandeling- vlist-1.jpg

Thursday - Through the lakes - 8 KM

Unfortunately the last day has already arrived. We will walk through the village of Reeuwijk, past “the real” cheese famer (Kaasboer) from Gouda; towards the end-point of our journey. The beautiful small lakes of Reeuwijk cannot be missed during this walk. We will have one last stop at ‘het Vaantje’, before we reach the central market of Gouda again. It is time for a goodbye drink (or ‘borrel’ in Dutch), which will take place at ’De Zalm, the oldest inn of the Netherlands. Here we will reflect on our experiences from the past days and look back on a unique journey of the Netherlands below sea level.


Vessels & Forts


‘Het Groene Hart’ may be known for its green nature, but there is much more to it than that. Walk or sail past its beautiful heritages from a bygone age, where monarchs used to rule and where religionists found their faith. Go on a journey through the castles, forts, ramparts and churches of ‘Het Groene Hart. 


Week 2019
August 9- August 15

Weekend 2019
April 19- April 22

June 14- June 17

October 4- October 7

118 KM in 6 days
Ø: 20 KM per day

60 KM in 3 days
Ø: 20 KM per day


week / weekend program

Introduction dinner at ‘de Lichtfabriek next to the hotel. Here you will get to know the fellow adventurers with whom you will gain experience over the next week. Ready!


vaarten & forten vrijdag.jpg

Saturday - Hiking Below Sea Level - 18 KM
week / weekend program

First of all, we will start the day by discovering the interesting city of Gouda. Here a guided tour will follow through its famous St. Jan church. After Gouda, we will continue our walk into the polder via "de Juliansluizen' along the canal 'De Ringvaart', towards the idyllic Moordrecht. After lunch, we will set foot on the ferry across 'de Hollandse IJssel'. It will take us via 'Gouderak' to 'Lekkerkerk aan de Lek'. Here our path will lead through 'de Krimpenerwaard, where our hotel is located. It is promised to be a car-free walk towards a unique accommodation that consists of a converted farmhouse, with a wellness spa and an outdoor swimming pool to relax the muscles.

vaarten & forten zaterdag.jpg

Sunday - Green polders and creaking mills- 23 KM
week/ weekend program

On to 'Kinderdijk', along 'de Tiendweg' towards 'Krimpen aan de Lek. Here we will again take a small ferry, that will lead us to a fantastic walk along the 19 famous windmills of 'Kinderdijk'. Here we will also continue our way over water with the ferry passed the miles of Kinderdijk. The old miles are part of UNESCO’s world heritage list and have been guarding the country against the water for centuries. Here you will experience a unique adventure full of rotating wings, the crackling of wooden machines and real millers who teach you how you can use the wind to save the land from the water. After a lunch in Alblasserdam, we will we take the water bus to the fascinating city of Dordrecht. Here we will spend the night in a unique hotel, after a distance of 23 km that you will not forget.But in case you are joining for the weekend tour, we will take the waterbus from Alblasserdam to the fascinating city of Rotterdam.


Monday - across water and green roads- 22 KM
weekend program

In Rotterdam we will start the day with a fantastic experience on the SS Rotterdam, after which we let ourselves be transported the outskirts of the city by water taxi. From there we walk through the green ‘Hitland’, where we we will have a lunch break and visit ‘Nieuwerkerk’, the lowest point in the Netherlands. Indeed, we will be walking below sea level! Afterwards, we will return at our starting point in Gouda. A farewell drink is waiting for you at ‘De Zalm’, where we will reflect on a weekend full of ferries, windmills and after a great week with lots of ferries and unforgettable memories.

vaarten & forten zondag.jpg

Monday - SAil thru the Biesbosch -2i KM
week program

Another day with many impressions, because who thinks of Dordrecht, automatically thinks of the ‘Biesbosch’. By boat and with the expertise of a guide, we hope to spot the area's beavers and kingfishers. Afterwards, we will walk along the Merwede via Werkendam to the beautiful village of Woudrichem.  After a well-deserved stop at a terrace, we will visit Slot Loevestein by boat. Then we will sail to Gorinchem, where we sleep between Silver and Gold.

vaarten & forten maandag.jpg

week program

Via the Linge, a beautiful river that runs through the Alblasserwaard, we will walk and enjoy quiet country roads through a landscape the painter"Paulus Potter” provided us centuries ago . Our walk leads to  the fortified town of Nieuwpoort. After this break  we will take the ferry to Schoonhoven, known as the Silver-city. Here you’ll want to take some time to view the many silver workshops and jewellery boutiques. Or decide to order a drink on the spacious terrace of the hotel, while enjoying the evening sun with a view of the river Lek.

vaarten & forten dinsdag.jpg

Wednesday - alongside the towpath to Oudewater - 21 KM
week program

We will stroll through the Krimpenerwaard along the fairytale-like waters of the Vlist, on our way to the idyllic town of Haastrecht. After lunch, the walk along the towpath of the Hollandse IJssel to Oudewater will bring you back into bygone times . Oudewater is where we will end the day, a city with an historic city centre and great cafes! Get weighed in the old ‘Heksenwaag’, or simply enjoy a drink

vaarten & forten woensdag.jpg

Thursday - Green Reeuwijk - 18 KM
week program

It is the last day already and it’s promised to be a good one. The waters of Reeuwijk cannot be missed. We leave Oudewater as we make our way toward the Oudkoopse Molen. Here we will sit down for a lunch along the water near the famous het Vaantje  Reeuwijk. Our walk will lead us back to the starting point of Gouda, where we will come together for a farewell drink in ‘De Zalm’, the oldest inn in the Netherlands turned into a nowadays hip cafe. We will cheers to a week full of ferries, windmills, forts and hopefully unforgettable memories.


Cities & Knights


The ‘Randstad’ is characterised by its historic cities, however full of green and close to the North Sea. This route is focused on these impressive cities, while discovering a surprising amount of nature and open space. 


Week 2019
August 23- August 30

Weekend 2019
May 3 - May 6

June 28- July 1

Oct- 18 - Oct 21


127 KM in 6 days
Ø: 21 KM per day

61 KM in 3 days
Ø: 20,3 KM per day


week / weekend program

Introduction dinner at the Lichtfabriek next to the hotel. Here you will get to know the fellow adventurers with whom you will gain experience over the next week. Ready!


klein giethoorn.jpg

Saturday - Little Venice - 25 KM
week / weekend program

We leave Gouda, while passing its historic center in the direction of Boskoop, where we will meander through the Reeuwijkse Plassen. The many small water ways around Boskoop once functioned as transportation routes for ‘farmers’. When we stop in Klein Giethoorn, you are able to experience this yourself, by getting into a rowing boat. After lunch we will make our way to Alpen aan de Rijn and from there we will take the train to Leiden, straight into the heart of the city. A boat trip through the canals completes the day.


Sunday - follow the flood line -24 KM
week program

In Leiden, an expert will take you through the city where the Dutch history was written! After an insightful journey through Dutch history, we have time to clear our heads in the direction of the ocean. We will walk through the dune areas towards the beach of Wassenaar, where we will for example enjoy a delicious plate of Fruit de Mer while looking out over the waves. Along the tide line over the beach we will continue our way over the shell path through the dunes into the city of The Hague.


Monday - where old meets new - 19 KM
weekend program

From het Westland our journey continues to Rotterdam. We leave ‘Delft’ and go via ‘Schipluiden’, with a lunch stop at ‘de Vliet towards Vlaardingen. We will try to avoid as much asphalt as possible and focus on the beautiful inland roads. Once we arrive in Vlaardingen we will take the water taxi that takes us straight through the harbor of Rotterdam. In Rotterdam we will stop at Hotel New York, where old meets new. From here it is a short walk to the Central Station where we take a train back to Gouda for a farewell drink at ‘de Zalm’.


Monday - Historic delft -19 KM
week program

The Hague is known as the city behind the dunes, where the king, parliament and culture all come together. We will take it all in our route;  het Vredespaleis,  Panorama Mesdag, Paleis Noordeinde, het Binnenhof, het Mauritshuis’ towards Delft, the city of our royal family. After lunch, a short walk follows through the historic center of Delft. Here you can learn all about the relationship between Delft and our royal family.


Tuesday -stroll like a world traveler - 19 KM
week program

From ‘het Westland’ to Rotterdam. We will leave Delft and follow the small riverside of ‘De Vliet’, where we will have lunch at the waterfront, to avoid car traffic as much as possible. Once we have arrived in Vlaardingen, we will continue our way by water taxi. The water taxi will take us through the bustling port area of Rotterdam to the iconic Hotel New York, where old and new meet. A short walk through the old red-light district ‘Katendrecht’, will lead us to the SS Rotterdam. Step aboard, stroll over the decks like a world traveller or discover the stylish halls and impressive engine room. In the evening, if the weather will allows it, we will  sit down for a real "Captains dinner" on the deck of the ship.


Wednesday - Water Wicks willpower - 19KM
week program

With the water bus we will make our way over the Nieuwe Maas to Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk is a UNESCO World Heritage with its 19 well-known windmills. Here you will stand with your feet in the middle of Dutch history. Everything here is located below sea level. Get ready for an adventure full of wings, water and willpower. Through the polder to Streefkerk, we will then have lunch at ‘de Lek’. Along the water and with help of the ferry, we will reach Bergambacht. Here we will spend the night in a hotel where the pool is waiting for you!

wandeling- vlist-1.jpg

Thursday - Along the most picturesque river - 22KM
week program

The last day has arrived. Via the "silver city" Schoonhoven and the most picturesque river ‘de Vlist’, we will walk to Haastrecht an idyllic village located along ‘de Hollandse IJssel’. Afterwards, our walk will lead via ‘de IJsseldijk’ to Gouda, a city known for its gothic town hall and longest church in Europe, namely the St. Janskerk. A guided tour through this famous church cannot be missed. To conclude our journey, we'll have  a farewell drink in ‘De Zalm’, the oldest inn in the Netherlands which has been turned into a modern cafe.


Biking Below Sea level

Biking vrijdag 2.jpg

Cycling through the Dutch landscape below sea level, where historic places and beautiful heritage mix with water and nature. This week combines the 3 hiking trips into an adventure for those who prefer to discover the Netherlands by bike. Rental bikes with 7 gears are arranged for you!


Week 2019
Sept 6- Sept 12

Weekend 2019
May 17 - May 20

July 12 - July 15

October 25 - October 28


230 KM in 6 days
Ø39 KM per day

107 KM in 3 days
Ø35.6 KM per day


Week / weekend program

Introduction dinner at ‘de Lichtfabriek’ next to the hotel. Here you will get to know the fellow adventurers with whom you will gain experience over the next week. Ready!


Biking vrijdag.jpg

saturday - Bikes & Boats - 38 KM
Week / weekend program

After picking up the bikes, a short bike route will follow through the beautiful city of Gouda, known for its gothic town hall and the St Johns church. Here,  you will experience a guided tour through this beautiful church. Via the polders we will reach Hitland and continue through the Krimpenerwaard towards Kinderdijk. Its 19 mills are a must-see for everyone, as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Lock your bike and embark a whisper boat, where you will be guided by an expert who will tell you everything about this unique part of the Netherlands. At the end of the day we will reach Dordrecht, one of the most underrated cities in the Netherlands, which is definitely worth a visit. Its Museum de Gijn should be part of your bucket list. Enjoy a sublime view from the dock where 3 rivers meet On this first day, the hotel in Dordrecht will be the cherry on top of the cake!  

biking zaterdag.jpg

Sunday - Biesbosch & Loevestein - 48 KM
week/ weekend program

We will visit the Biesbosch, a unique part of the Netherlands. Boats and guides are waiting for you. Afterwards, we will cycle on to Woudrichem, a beautiful fortified city known from the Dutch TV series Doctor Tinus. After a long break at the terrace, it is time to take the ferry to Slot Loevestein. With bikes and all, we will continue our journey by another ferry over the splashing waves towards Gorinchem, or to Rotterdam if you have booked a weekend. In both cities you we will stay in a very special hotel!


Monday - from the city to the lowlands - 38 KM
Weekend program

On this last day and we will cycle out of Rotterdam along the river ‘Rotte’, where the city is named after, to ‘Oud Verlaat’. We will reach one of the lowest points in the Netherlands, ‘Moordrecht’, a picturesque little village along ‘de Hollandse IJssel’, where we will have lunch. Lastly, we will go by the ferry across the polder to our starting point Gouda, where the bikes are handed in and a farewell drink is waiting for you. The Netherlands at its most beautiful in just one weekend!

Biking zondag.jpg

Monday - Forts & Silver -55 KM
Week program

Rise and shine! We will wake up early and after an extensive breakfast and will head for Nieuwpoort. Another old fortified town on the Lek, with the silver city Schoonhoven on the other side.  We will have a delicious lunch on the terrace in front of the Waag in Oudewater , after which we will cycle to Harmelen. We will sleep in a typical Dutch hotel with traditional Dutch food!

Biking maandag.jpg

Tuesday -Castle & RembrandT- 55 KM

This day we will have a guided tour planned at the castle Haarzuilens. Too good to miss! Along the meandering ‘Meije’ and ‘de Nieuwkoopse Plassen’ we will reach Leiden. In Leiden, the city of the painter Rembrandt, a cruise through the canals of the city is waiting for us.

Bikiing dinsdag.jpg

Wednesday - Via DElf to the SS ROTTERDAM - 26 KM

The cycle route from Leiden to Delft along ‘de Vliet’ is an adventure on its own. In Delft we will tell you everything about its relationship with the royal family. Via Schipluiden and Vlaardingen, we will make our way through the green Westland to Rotterdam. Rotterdam is currently the most innovative and upcoming city in the Netherlands, known for its ports, the river Maas, high-rise buildings and architectural delights. Along the way you will enjoy lunch alongside ‘de Vliet’ and a short break at Hotel New York. Before we sleep we will have a guided tour on the SS Rotterdam!

Biking woensdag.jpg

Thursday - Alongside the Ijssel to the farwell drink - 48 KM

The last day has arrived. We will cycle out of Rotterdam along ‘de Rotte’, which the city is named after, to Oud Verlaat. We will pass the lowest point of the Netherlands on our way to Hekendorp, one of the most idyllic village along ‘de Hollandse IJssel’. It only has one church and one pub, so where will we have lunch? The last kilometers lead us via Oukoop and its mill on the Wiericke, back to our starting point in Gouda. A farewell drink is waiting for you. Holland at its best, seen in a week, with new friends along the way. Like the French say it so beautifully: “Partir c'est mourir un peu”